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Mathematics is taught on a daily basis from Early Years up to Year 6.   Teachers base their planning on the resources from North Yorkshire Mixed Age Planning document (written in conjunction with the Archimedes Maths Hub).  Our aim is to develop children’s mathematical thinking using the three key strand from the curriculum: Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving.  We aim to help children to develop the confidence in their maths skills to apply them in a wide range of contexts and in real life.

Classrooms have Working Walls that are used to support current learning and promote the recall of key facts, as well as a large range of mathematical equipment for the children to use.

Mental maths facts are taught and assessed through the Passport system, for which they sit a test each week on a specific set of key facts.  (See the link below for the overview document).

Children receive maths homework on a regular basis, which will either link to the work carried out that week or reinforce key concepts.

See also our Written Calculation Policy, which explains how written methods are taught and developed throughout school.

Click here to download our Calculation Policy

Click here to see the Passport Overview

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