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As a voluntary controlled church school we have a statutory requirement to follow the locally agreed syllabus for North Yorkshire schools. Curriculum planning is in the form of a two year rolling programme that has been created using guidance and resources from both the agreed North Yorkshire syllabus and recommendations from Leeds Diocese and RE today.  The Understanding Christianity teaching resource, recently created by Leeds Diocese, is also used as the basis for planning the Christian elements of RE.

The key concepts and ideas are to build the curriculum on key enquiry questions that link through the key stages and build upon previous learning. It follows an approach where by the key elements of subjects are first explored and then progress in to an examination of the impact of the concept on people. Finally any connections the children themselves can make to their lives, beliefs or the wider world are considered and discussed. There is a particular emphasis on how religions and beliefs respond to global issues in UKS2 which builds upon the knowledge and skills they have already gained and applies it to real issues such as social justice, the environment and human rights. 

RE teaching develops the children’s knowledge and understanding of religions but also encourages them to reflect, evaluate and interpret ideas in their own way. The key questions have been chosen to prepare children for their adult life by developing respect for others and helping to combat prejudice. They have also been chosen as ‘big questions’ which allow the children to wonder at the world around them and to lead their own learning and interpretations.

70% of the curriculum is based around Christianity and also covers the minimum entitlements for each key stage:  Islam is chosen as the religion to be studied in addition to Christianity at KS1 as is recommended in the Agreed Syllabus.  Additionally LKS2 children will study Hinduism and Judaism whilst UKS2 children will also explore Humanism, Buddhism and Sikhism. This breadth of religions and beliefs will provide a solid platform of knowledge and understanding for the children as they move forward.


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