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Pupil Absence

Reporting of Absences


Parents are asked to inform the school office by 8.45am each day a child is unwell and will not be attending school. 

  • A child who has been given antibiotics should be kept away from school for the first 48 hours of treatment.
  • A child who has been sick or who has diarrhoea should also be kept away from school until the child has been clear of the problem for 48 hours.
  • Medical/dental appointments should be made out of school hours, however where this is not possible the school will require notification prior to the absence. When a child is absent for a medical appointment it is expected that they will return to school immediately following the appointment.

    Please contact the office for further guidance on specific illnesses & required length of absence.

    It is crucial that parents adhere to this procedure to ensure that all pupils are safe and their whereabouts accounted for.

Long term Absences

Occasionally, some pupils experience health or other difficulties that prevent them from attending school for some time. School deals with each case individually, agreeing procedures for re-integrating these pupils with each family as the need arises. Please contact the Headteacher if your child would benefit from such an arrangement.


Parents are actively discouraged from taking children out of school during term time as it is very disruptive to pupils’ education.

If there is an exceptional circumstance, please complete the form available on the link below and return it to the school office at least six weeks before the anticipated absence.


Click here to download an application for pupil leave of absence from School

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